Management meetings under Graphene 3D project:

 ·         Kick off meeting, 24-25 January 2017, at EC in Brussels;
           Agenda for the meeting, Pictures from the meeting

·         MB/MC Meeting on “6th months report, the WP2 results, and next planning”, on 17-21 July 2017, organized by IMech-BAS, in Sofia, Bulgaria;
          Agenda, MB/MC Decisions, Pictures from the meeting

·         Mid-term Review Meeting with EC in May/June 2018 at UNamur, within the ScientificWorkshop “Design, modeling and fabrication of 3D-printed materials and structures”, organized by UNamur, in Namur, Belgium;

·         MB/MC Meeting in May/June 2019 at UniSa, within the Training School for ESRs “Advanced methods for characterization of graphene-based nanocomposites”, organized by UniSa, in Salerno, Italy;

 ·         Final MB/MC Meeting “Outcomes from the Graphene 3D project”, in September/October 2020, within the Final Workshop (place to be decided).