JL Structure

Structure and Organization of Joint Lab
The Joint Lab is structured into three Boards and lead by the Director.The three Boards are composed of one representative appointed by each partner that takes part in the Joint Lab. The members of the three Boards are elected for two years and after that period, half of the members will be renewed.

1. Supervisory and Executive Board (SEB) ensures the scientific coordination, the administrative and financial management. The SEB elects the Director among its members on a rotational basis for a one-year mandate, and approve composition of the  three Boards.

2. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides strategic guidance and direction for the research works and scientific programs; identifies calls for proposal submission; updates those scientific objectives that should be developed in priority.

3. Technology Transfer Board (TTB) serves as a link between researchers and the industrial tissue. It aims at early recognition of intellectual property and potential applications.

The first composition of the three Boards was elected during the Joint Lab Structuring Meeting, on August 2, 2022 at UEF, Joensuu, Finland. Prof. Rumiana Kotsilkova /IMech-BAS, OLEM/ was elected as the Director of the Joint Lab and Prof. Philippe Lambin is the first Chief Advisor of the SEB.

  Members of SEB, SAB, TTB Boards