Internal Seminars


  • Weekly Seminars in September 2022 at NanoTecLab Ltd. in Sofia, in collaboration with UniSA, Italy

1st Joint Seminar on 07 September was organized as a hybrid meeting between the seconded researchers at NanoTechLab in Sofia and the researchers from UniSa, Salerno. It  was opened with institutional greetings from Prof. Evgeni Ivanov (NanoTechLab, Sofia) and Prof. Patrizia Lamberti (UniSa, Italy). Two ESRs from UniSa, Italy, Simona Russo and Rubina Troiano, seconded at NanoTechLab gave presentation on their PhD projects and research interests.  In the seminar took part in presence the 3 seconded researchers from SIPT, Georgia and the researchers from IMech-BAS (OLEM). The online participants were researchers from UniSa, Salerno, Italy, including the supervisors of the two seconded PhDs. 

2nd Joint Seminar on 14 September was organized via web involving 21 participants from partnering institutions: NanoTechLab, Bulgaria; UniSa, Italy; IMech-BAS, Bulgaria; UEF, Finland and SIPT, Georgia. Program included presentations from the seconded researchers Dr. Renata Adami (ER from UniSa), Enver Faella (ESR, UniSa) and Isaak Otoo (ESR, UEF). The Seminar was closed with questions and discussion. 

3rd Joint Seminar on 21 September via web has involved 24 participants from NanoTechLab, Bulgaria; UniSa, Italy; IMech-BAS, Bulgaria; UEF, Finland and SIPT, Georgia. The program included presentations from the seconded researchers: Dr. Monica La Mura (ER from UniSa, Italy), Dr. Nino Darakhveidze and Dr. Tinatin Kuchukhidze (ERs from SIPT, Georgia), and Dr. Alexander Saushin (ER from UEF, Finland). This was the last seminar for the Graphene 3D project, ending on 30 September 2022.

 Flyers:  1st Seminar ;       2nd Seminar ;        3rd Seminar        Pictures

  • Internal Seminars with seconded researchers at NanoTechLab in August 2022 in Sofia

On 26 August 2022, a meeting was organized at IMech-BAS in Sofia, between Prof. R. Kotsilkova (IMech), Prof. E. Ivanov (NanoTechLab) and seconded ERs, Prof. Ph. Lambin (Unamur) and Dr. P. Lamberti (UniSa). The topics of the discussion include: ideas for joint proposal submission in the next year call for staff exchange in the frame of the Joint Lab activities.

            Minutes of 26 AUG meeting

On 22 August 2022, Nano Tech Lab jointly with IMech-BAS have organized a discussion for joint activities after the Graphene 3D project end with the seconded researchers Prof. Ph. Lambin from UNamur, Belgium, as well as Prof. Patrizia Lamberti, Dr. Renata Adami and E.  from UniSa, Italy. 

On 8 August 2022, NanotechLab has organized an Internal seminar with the seconded researchers: 3 ERs  from SIPT, Georgia and 2 ESRs from UniSa, Italy. Dr. Ioseb Metskhvarishvili from SIPT has presented a lecture titled:’Synthesis of PDMS materials obtained by the UV curing process used in 3D printer”.

  • Internal Seminars with seconded researchers at NanoTechLab in May 2022 in Sofia

On 13 May 2022 an Internal seminar at NanoTechLab was organized jointly with the IMech-BAS, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The two seconded ESRs form CNR (IPCB, Pozzuoli, Italy), Rosa di Maio and Alessia Silvestry  have presented their work during the 2 months secondments within Graphene 3D project.


Seminar on 1 June 2022 via web, with seconded researchers, at UniSA, Salerno, Italy         


  • Graphene 3D project: description, partners and UNISA involvement - prof. Patrizia LAMBERTI, PhD. Dissemination manager for the Graphene 3D project
  • Graphene 3D project: NARRANDO - prof. Paolo Ciambelli, CEO of NARRANDO srl, company partner in Graphene3D project
  • Research activity on carbon nanomaterial-based electrical devices – Hamza Rehman, Early Stage Researcher (PhD student), Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Eastern Finland (secondment at Narrando partner)
  • Research activity on electrical devices for THz applications –Isaac Appiah Otoo, Early Stage Researcher (PhD student), Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Eastern Finland (secondment at Narrando Srl)



Joint meeting UniSa - Narrando, on October 12th, 2021
Joint meeting with secondees at UNISA and Narrando Srl was held on Teams, in October 12th, 2021, in Salerno, Italy. Thee seconded researchers, Elizaveta Shahkova and Alexander Kukhta from INP-BSU, and Todor Batakliev from IMech-BAS have presented their work during secondments. Prof. Patrizia Lamberty presented the Graphene 3D project and UniSA involvement. The meeting was attended by more then 30 participants and they show great interests on the project topics and activities.

Weekly Seminars at IMech-BAS in October 2021
Weekly seminars at OLEM /IMech-BAS/ were organised on Zoom in October 2021, for discussion of the experimental results on electromagnetic shielding efficiency of different nanocomposite materials synthesized within the Graphene 3D project. Presentations were given by the seconded researchers Gleb Gorohov and Dzmitry Tsihanok from INP-BSU, Belarus, and Dr. Dzhihan Menseidov from  OLEM.

Seminar at IMech-BAS of 2 Seconded Res. from NARRANDO on 23 September 2021
An Internal seminar at IMech BAS was organized on 23rd September 2021, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The two seconded researchers, Antonio Di Grazia and Giuseppe De Filippis from Narrando SRl, as well as the ESRs from IMech-BAS, Garbis Topchiyn, have presented their work at IMech-BAS. They have made a literature review on how to improve better the thermal conductivity of polymers by incorporating nanofillers. The presentations and discussions have demonstrated the scientific achievements of the two project teams within the Graphene 3D project.  Title of presentations: 
1. Improving thermal conductivity of polymers by incorporation of nano-fillers – Giuseppe De Filippis (Narrando SRl)  
2. Thermal conductivity of polymer nanocomposites with graphene and carbon nanotubes – Antonio Di Grazia (Narrando SRl) 
3. Measuring thermal conductivity by Laser Flash Analysis – Garbis Topchiyn (IMech-BAS)    


Seminar at INP-BSU of seconded UNamur ER Prof. Philippe Lambin on 24th February 2020
On 24th February 2020 Prof. Philippe Lambin from Department of Physics, University of Namur, Belgium gave a presentation at INP-BSU on "Electronic and magnetic properties of zigzag edges of molybdenum disulfide"
Pictures  Abstract

Seminar at INP-BSU of UniSa ERs Dr. Patrizia Lamberti and Dr. Renata Adami on 15 Jan 2020
On 15th January 2020 two ERs, Dr. Patrizia Lamberti and Dr. Renata Adami from UniSa held a seminar at INP-BSU to present the project achievements during their secondments in Minsk.


Seminar of ESR Luca Vitale at IMech-BAS, 19th Dec 2019
On 19th December 2019 at IMeh-BAS, in Sofia, Bulgaria an Internal seminar was held with the ESR Luca Vitale from NARANDO, who has presented his work during the 2 month secondment. Luca has been trained in filament production and 3D printing of test samples for mechanical, thermal and electrical characterization. He has made a review of project publications on the essential structural parameters of the fillers determining the properties of nanocomposites.

Seminar of ESR Radost Ivanova at UniSa, 29th Oct 2019
On 29th October 2019 at UniSa, Salerno, Italy an Internal seminar was held related to the Graphene 3D project, where Radost Ivanova (ESR from IMech BAS, seconded for 2 months at Narrando) has presented her results obtained during secondment period. The title of her presentation was "Rheological properties of polymer nanocomposites with graphene and graphene/carbon nanotubes in oscillatory mode".

Seminar of ESRs Radost Ivanova and Polya Angelova at INP-BSU, 12th Sept 2019
On 12 Sept 2019 at at INP-BSU, Minsk, Belarus, a Seminar was organized with the ESRs Radost Ivanova and Polya Angelova (PhD students from IMech BAS, seconded for 2 months at INP, BSU). The title of their joint presentation was “Characterization of electromagnetic properties of carbon-based PLA nanocomposites prepared by two different techniques”. During the seminar, the results obtained from the two seconded researchers and their host scientists, Dr. Polina Kuzhir and Dr. M. Shuba were discussed and a future publication was planned.

Seminar on Graphene 3D at IMech-BAS, on 29.08.2019 in Sofia
Internal Seminar on Graphene 3D Project was organized by IMech-BAS jointly with NanoTechLab on 29.08.2019, in Sofia. The seconded ERs, Prof. Philipe Lambin (UNamur), Dr. Marino Lavorgna (IPCB, CNR) and Dr. Natia Jalagonia (SIPT), as well as the ESRs from INP-BSU, Elizaveta Shashkova, Yaraslau Padrez and Daria Meisak, have presented their work on the project. The fruitful discussions during the seminar on the novel results obtained during the secondments are helpful for further research publication. 
Program  Pictures from the Seminar   Workflow of INP-BSU and SIPT Secondees at IMech

Seminar and workflow at INP with seconded ERs from IMech and NanoTechLab in July 2019

Seminar of INP ERs, Dr. Bichanok and  Dr. Kukta at UniSa in June 2019

Joint seminar of CNR and UniSa Hosts with INP ESRs, G. Gorohov and D. Meizek in June 2019

Seminar on H2020-MSCA-RISE-Graphene 3D, 23 May 2019, at IMech-BAS
On 23rd May 2019 the Institutional Seminar was held at IMECH-BAS, dedicated to the H2020-MSCA-RISE-Graphene 3D project. Two seconded researchers, Dr. John Chen and Dr. Shibing Bai, from Sichuan University, as well as three ESRs from IMech-BAS has presented their work during secondments. The presentations and discussions have demonstrated the scientific achievements of the two project teams within the Graphene 3D project.
Program   Pictures   Link to the announcement


Seminar of ESR Hristiana Veichkova at INP-BSU, 16th Nov 2018
On 16th November at 11:00 we had Graphene 3D project related seminar of  Hristiana Velickova (ESR from IMech BAS, seconded for 2 months at INP-BSU. The title of her presentation is "EMI shielding of mono-filler and bi-filler nanocomposites based on high density polyethylene".

Graphene 3D project lecture of Prof. Philipe Lambin at INP BSU, 8th Nov 2018
On 8th November 2018 at 12:00 we have a lecture of Prof. Philippe Lambin, Namur University (Belgium) seconded to INP-BSU. The title of the lecture is: "Mendeleev table, the coltan and the 3TG bloody minerals".

Seminar at IMech with ER John Chen from Sichuan University, 23.10.2018
On 23rd October 2018, Prof. John Chen (ER form Sichuan University, China, seconded at IMech) gave a lecture at the Seminar of the Department of Fluid Mechanics at IMech-BAS, titled: “Introduction of SKLPME set in Sichuan University and China-EU intergovernmental cooperation project".
Three seconded researchers from SIPT, Dr. Natia Jalagonia (ESR), Dr. Leila Kalatozishvili (ER) and Dr. Koba Komakhidze (ER), who have just started their secondments at NanoTechLab Ltd., took also part in the seminar.

Seminar at SU, Chengdu, China on Deliverable D2.3 Report, on 30 September 2018
The seconded researchers, Dr. Marino Lavorgna (ER from IPCB, CNR) – WP2 leader and Dr. Evgeni Ivanov (ER from NanoTechLab Ltd.), together with their host researchers, Prof. Hesheng Xia and Dr. Yinghong Chen from SKLPM, Sichuan University have discussed and planned in Chengdu the work on the forthcoming Deliverable Report D 2.3. “Materials synthesis and nanocomposite fabrication” [M24].

Seminar with Dr. Renata Adami (UniSa) at INP-BSU on 17 August 2018
Dr. Renata Adami (seconded ER from UniSa) gave a joint presentation with Dr. D. Bichanok (INP-BSU), titled: “EM properties of filamets containing nanomaterials for 3D printing”, summarizing her work at INP-BSU on Graphene 3D project.

Seminar at INP-BSU with seconded researcher from IMech-BAS on 31 July 2018
Dzhihan Menseidov, ER from IMech-BAS presented his results from 2 months secondment at INP-BSU with the presentation titled: "Frequency absorption of Graphene/PLA composites". Three seconded researchers from SIPT, Georgia also took part in the seminar.

Internal Seminar at IMech BAS with seconded researchers from INP-BSU on 26 July 2018
On 26 July three ESRs from INP-BSU have reported their results from the completed secondments at the Internal Seminar of OLEM, IMech-BAS.
The titles of their presentations are:
1.      Maximum absorbance for some MWCNT/GNP/PLA composites – given by Darya Meisac, PhD student seconded to IMech-BAS
2.      A short review of electromagnetic properties of MWCNT and GNP-based PLA composites in GHz and THz range – by Gleb Gorohov, PhD student seconded to NnoTechLab Ltd.
3.      Project Graphene 3D – work with 3D printer – by Elizaveta Shahkova, ESR seconded to IMech-BAS.
Based on the discussions after presentations further work was planned for analysis and explanation of the EMI shielding ability of large 2 sets of samples based on PLA with GNP, MWCNTs and mixed fillers.

Internal Seminar at IMech BAS for discussion of ESRs secondments on 13 July 2018
On 13 July two ESRs and PhDs from IMech-BAS, Hristiana Velichkova and Radost Ianova have presented their results from the 5 months secondments at Graphene and Nanomaterials Research Center – MackGraphe, Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Interesting results were presented on Raman and XRD analysis, contact angle study zeta potential of two different nanomaterials, produced within the project Graphene 3D. Joint publications on the obtained results between the seconded researchers and the MackGraphe team are in progress.

Joint Seminar of IMech-BAS on 04 July 2018 with ER from Mack Graphe, Brazil
On 04 July 2018 a Join Seminar at the Institute of Mechanics was organized with a lecture from the ER Dr. Guilhermino Fechine from Graphene and Nanomaterials Research Center – MackGraphe, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, seconded in the IMech-BAS for 1 month. The title of the lecture was: "The amazing meeting between polymer world and two-dimensional materials".
Pictures  Lecture annoncement

Internal Seminar of IMech-BAS on 03 July 2018 with ER from INP-BSU, Belarus
On 03 July, Dr. Michail Shuba, seconded ER from Institute of Nuclear Physics, Belarus State University (INP, BSU) gave a presentation on the last results related to electromagnetic
properties of graphene-based nanocomposites in GHz and THz region - comparison between different processing techniques. Discussion was performed on the presented results and on submission of a joint publication. In the discussion took part researchers from OLEM and 3 ESRs from the INP- BSU (Daria Meizek, Gleb Gorohov and Elizaveta Shashkova), seconded to IMech and NanoTechLab.

ER from MackGraphe gave a lecture at IMech Seminar on 5th June 2018
Ricardo Antreade, the seconded experienced researcher from Mack Graphe, Sao Paolo, Brazil, has presented a lecture on the topics: "Rheology and processing of polymer nanocomposites with graphene and other 2D materials” at the Scientific Seminar of the Institute of Mechanics, on 5th June 2018. The talk arise many questions and answers and demonstrate the importance of Graphene 3D research.
Lecture annoncement   Pictures

Seminar at Narrando Srl on 18 May 2018
Todor Batakliev, PhD, assistant professor at OLEM (Open laboratory of experimental micro and nanomechanics), Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences gave presentation on "Nanoindentation testing of PLA-based carbon nanocomposites".
More details (pdf in new window)

Seminar on 02 May 2018 at IMech-BAS jointly with NanoTechLab.
Internal seminar on the project results war organized on 02 May 2018 with the two seconded ESRs, Dr. Giovanni Spinelli from UniSa, Italy and Dr. Rosa di Maio from IPCB, CNR, Italy, together with the research teams from IMech-BAS and NanoTechLab, Ltd, Bulgaria. The researchers have discussed the obtained results from structural characterizations by TEM analysis on the latest formulations of graphene based PLA nanocomposites. A joint publication will result from this discussion.

Seminar on 02 May 2018 at INP-BSU
Dr. Leyla Kalatozishvili - the seconded ER from SIPT, Georgia, has presented her research on the Graphene 3D project with the topics: "Reduced Graphene Oxide: Synthesis and Applications" on a Seminar at INP-BSU

Seminar at Narrando Srl on 13 April 2018
Pablo Andrés Riveros Muñoz, PhD, Researcher, MackGraphe (Graphene and NanoMaterial Research Center), Mackenzie Presbyterian University,São Paulo, Brasil gave presentation on "Polymer/2D nanomaterial composites via-extrusion".
More details (pdf in new window)

2 Seminars at INP-BSU, Belarus with seconded researcher from Narrando Srl, Italy (March 2018)
Thursday 15 March
Marcello Casa, seconded researcher from Narrando, Salerno, Italy has presented a talk on "Synthesis and characterization of rGO and FLG at Narrando" at a Seminar with INP-BSU host researchers.

Alexander Liubimau, Dzmitry Bychanok from INP-BSU and Marcello Casa (from Narrando, Italy) gave a seminar at INP-BSU devoted to Grapene 3D activity "EM properties of Phenol resin based composites filled with CNT/GNP: in situ synthesis vs mixture".

Seminar at IMech-BAS and NanoTechLab Ltd with seconded researcher from UniSa, 23 March 2018
Internal seminar at IMech-BAS, jointly with NanoTechLab Ltd., was organized on 23 March 2018 with the seconded researcher Dr. Renata Adami (ER) from UniSa. She is on 1 month visit at NanoTechLab Ltd. within the frame of Graphene 3D project. Dr. Adami presented her work on application of supercritical assisted atomization for production of biopolymer microspheres incorporating nanoparticles. Other two presentations were given at the seminar from IMech-BAS researchers: Dr. Todor Batakliev presented a review on XRD analysis of polymer nanocomposites with graphene and carbon nanotubes; and Dr. Dzhihan Menseidov (IMech-BAS) presented his work on fabrication of test samples with project developed conductive graphene filament by 3D printing (Fused Deposition Modeling).

Seminar at MackGraphe, Săo Paolo, Brazil, on 27 February 2018
Three Seconded Researchers gave presentations at a Seminar of the TC Partner, MackGraphe, University of Mackenze, Sao Paolo, Brazil. Dr. Evgeni Ivanov (ER) from NanoTechLab has presented the activity of the SME within Graphene 3D project. Radost Ivanova and Hristiana Velichkova, ESRs from IMech and PhD students within Graphene 3D project, have presented the goal of their PhDs Thesis.

Seminar at Narrando Srl on 31 January 2018
Natia Jalagonia, PhD, scientist in chemical technology laboratory of Ilia Vekua Sukhumi Institute of physics and technology gave presentation on "Synthesis and characterization of rGO-based composite polymer for 3D printing at Institute of Physics and technology of Tbilisi".
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Seminar at IMech-BAS jointly with NanoTechLab Ltd on 19 December 2017
A Joint Seminar was performed at IMech-BAS with the researches from OLEM-IMech, NanoTechLab Ltd and the seconded RE Dr. Giovanni Spinelli (from UniSa). The topic of discussion was the first draft of the joint publication titled: ”Rheological and electrical behaviour of nanocarbon/poly(lactic) acid for 3D printing applications”. Additionally, a presentation was agreed at the Int. Conference on “Times of Polymers & Composites”, 17-21 June 2018, Ischia, Italy ( and a conference paper will be prepared for the Proceedings.

Seminar at UniSa with seconded researchers from INP-BSU, 11 December 2017
Internal seminar at UniSa was organized on 11 December to introduce the seconded ESRs Darya Meisak and Gleb Gorokhov (PhD students from IMP-BSU). Both seconded researches are on three months visit at UniSa within the frame of Graphene 3D project.

Seminar at IMech-BAS and NanoTechLab Ltd on 30 November 2017
Internal Seminar at IMech-BAS jointly with NanoTechLab Ltd. was organized on 30 November 2017 with Dr. Avtandil Sichinava (seconded ER from SIPT, Georgia to NanoTechLab Ltd, Bulgaria). Dr. Sichinava gave a presentation on the SIPT activities on synthesis of PDMS polymer samples, that is the new polymer in DoA of the Graphene 3D project. A joint work was planned for testing at OLEM of those new samples. Dr. Sichinava took part in the mechanical friction testing, together with OLEM researchers, using the UMT-2 Bruker equipment.

Seminar at Open Laboratory OLEM, IMech-BAS, Sofia on 14 November 2017
Seminar for the discussion of project results with the seconded researcher Dr. Giovanni Spinelli (University of Salerno, Italy) and Prof. Philippe Lambin (University of Namur, Belgium) was organized at IMech-BAS. Dr. Giovanni Spinelli gave a presentation titled “Activity carried out on samples of Nanocarbon/Poly(lactic) Acid for 3D Printing Applications”. He has presented also the new QR code software that UniSa group has adopted for labeling of the 82 samples studied within the project.
During the visit of Prof. Philippe Lambin, the Program for the forthcoming Scientific Workshop and Mid-term review meeting, scheduled for 22-26 May 2017 in Namur, Belgium was prepared and agreed. Planning was made for the preparation of the Annual Progress Report for 2017 to be submitted as a Deliverable to the EC.
Pictures from the Seminar

Seminar at INP-BSU, Misk, Belarus on 13 September 2017
Wednesday, 13 September 2017, the seconded researcher Prof. Philippe Lambin gave a lecture at the INP BSU seminar, titled: "Effective resistivity of a discrete network of resistors", presenting the new modeling approach applied in Graphene 3D for 3D printed foam like structures.
Pictures from Seminar

Seminar at INP-BSU, 6 September 2017
Wednesday, 6 Sept 2017 at 11:00 Prof. Patrizia Lamberti presented in INP-BSU “Electrochemotherapy and Electromagnetic Modeling of the Electroporation Phenomenon”
Pictures from seminar

Seminar at MackGraph, Săo Paolo, Brazil, on 28 August 2017
Seminar at MackGraphe was organized on 28 August 2017 with lectures form the seconded researchers Prof. Rumiana Kotsilkova (IMech-BAS) and Dr. Evgeni Ivanov (NanoTechLab), titled:  “Introduction of European Project H2020-Graphene 3D”.
Announcement  Pictures from Seminar

Three Seminars at IMech-BAS, July-August 2017
Three Internal Seminars were organized at the Institute of Mechanics (IMech-BAS), Sofia, Bulgaria, in July and August 2017, with the seven seconded researchers from IPM-BSU, Belarus; SIPT, Georgia and Narrando, Italy. On 7th July the ESRs Elizaveta Shashkova and Darya Meisak from INP-BSU, Belarus, reported their training program on nanoindentation mechanical testing at OLEM. On and 14th July, Dr. Leila Kalatozishvili (SIPT, Georgia) and the ESRs Radost Ivanova (OLEM, Bulgaria) gave presentations on the rheological training program performed at OLEM. Darya Meisak presented the experimental results on electromagnetic shielding of graphene-polymer nanocomposites. On 10th August, a seminar was organized with the seconded researchers from INP-BSU, with a presentation given from Dr. Alexandr Lubimov followed by a discussion with Dr. Dzmitry Bychanok and Dr. Artyom Plyushch on a joint paper.
More details (pdf in new window)   Pictures from the seminars

Three Seminars at INP-BSU, May-June 2017
Three Seminars with seconded researchers on Graphene 3D project at INP-BSU, in Minsk, Belarus. On 28 June 2017 Prof. Patrizia Lamberti (UniSa, Italy) presented a lecture on “Sensitivity analysis of a multilayer shielding device based on graphene”. On 18 May 2017 Dr. Ekaterina Sanaia from SIPT Georgia presented the SIPT research and the role of their team in the H2020 project. On 16 May 2017 Prof. Philipe Lambin (UNamur, Belgium) gave a lecture on “Elastic properties of 2D materials”.
More details (pdf in new window)   Pictures from the seminars

Seminar at IMech-BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria, on 9 June 2017
Seminar at IMech-BAS was organized with Prof. Philippe Lambin (UNamur) and Dr. Geovanni Spinelli (UniSa), seconded under Graphene 3D project at NanoTechLab Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria. Presentations on the first project results were given.
Agenda, Pictures from the event

Seminar at SKLPME- Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, on 26 May 2017
Seminar at SKLPME-SICHUAN was organized by Prof. Hesheng Xia. The guest-lecturers were Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski - from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA and Prof. Rumiana Kotsilkova - from OLEM, IMech-BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria. Prof. Hesheng Xia introduced the lecturers.
Posters: Prof. K. Matyjaszewski and Prof. R. Kotsilkova
Pictures from Seminar

Kick Off Seminar at SKLPME-Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, on 5 May 2017
Welcome Kick off seminar was organized by Prof. Hesheng Xia, Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory on Polymer Materials Engineering (SKLPME), Polymer Research Institute, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China. The meeting aims to introduce the seconded researchers Prof. Rumiana Kotsilkova (IMech) and Dr. Evgeni Ivanov (NanoTechLab), to the administrative and group leaders and the project team from SKLPME. Presentations were given on the research activities of IMech-BAS (OLEM), NanoTechLab Ltd. and SKLPME. The project H2020-MSCA-RISE- Graphene 3D was presented by the coordinator.
Program of the Kick Off
Pictures from Kick Off

Internal meeting on D 2.1 “Materials specification” at IPCB-CNR, Portici, Italy, on 15 February 2017
Five project partners: IPCB-CNR, NARRANDO, UNISA, IMech-BAS and NanoTechLab have organized Internal meeting at IPCB-CNR, Portici, Italy to discuss the preparation of the forthcoming Deliverable Report D2.1 “Materials specification”, related to the materials of interest to be synthesized, characterized and included in the Graphene 3D project for further design of 3D printing materials. The discussion focused on the suitable graphene and carbon nanotubes modifications, different types, degree of purity and the required materials characterization.

Seminar at UniSa, Salerno, Italy, on 23 February 2017
Seminar was organized at the Department of Information and Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics (DIEM), University of Salerno. Four project partners (UniSa, Narrando, IMech and NanoTechLab) have discussed the first activities of Graphene 3D project.  Prof. R. Kotsilkova (Coordinator) has presented the forthcoming project; Dr. Patricia Lamberti (UniSa) gave a presentation on the RISE call requirements. 

Seminar at UniSa, Salerno, Italy, on 7 February 2017
Seminar was organized jointly between the Department of Information and Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, University of Salerno (UniSa) and Company Narrando to meet their research teams with the three seconded researchers: Prof. R. Kotsilkova (IMech), Prof. S. Tabakova (IMech) and Dr. E. Ivanov (NanoTechLab). Presentations on the Graphene 3D, and the research activities of IMech (OLEM) and NanoTechLab were given by Prof. R. Kotsilkova and Dr. Ivanov.