During the Project some of our partners and colleagues were awarded for their exceptional work. Here are some of our awardees:

Dr. Polina Kuzhir  

• 2016

IOP Publishing Reviewer Awards 2016: Nanotechnology. As one of Nanotechnology Outstanding Reviewers of 2016 was recognised Dr. Polina Kuzhir, Belarusian State University, Belarus

Nanotechnology Outstanding Reviewers of 2016

Elsevier Outstanding contribution to reviwering process:

Dr. Artem Plyuchsh  

• December 2017

Artem Plyuchsh (ER from INP BSU) was awarded with a President of Republic of Belarus Scholarship (2018) for developing new materials based on nanocarbon components interacting effectively with electromagnetic radiation in a wide frequency range.

Hristiana Velichkova  

• October 2017

Hristiana Velichkova (ESR and PhD student from IMech-BAS) won a competition (2017) for young researchers at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with the project: “Multifunctional graphene-polymer nanocomposites for 3D printing application”.