The Graphene 3D research program will facilitate knowledge transfer between large research centers in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Belarus, Georgia, China and Brazil, as well as will develop new and lasting research collaborations through multidisciplinary and intersectoral secondments, joint workshops, satellite seminars, and a training school with trainee from the Graphene 3D consortium. It will result in more effective use of equipment, access to modern up-to-date facilities at the participating Organizations, implementation of original methodologies developed by the participants and creation of worldwide network of national research centers in the area of graphene-based polymer nanocomposites for additive manufacturing

Researchers within the MSCA proposal Graphene 3D will reinforce knowledge in materials design and production, as well as will acquire novel competences in Key Enabling Technologies, such as nanotechnologies for graphene-based materials. Research and innovation staff will benefit from being part of an international and multidisciplinary research team, as well as from the intersectoral collaboration.

The project has a potential to build a long-lasting strategic collaboration between the cooperation partners in challenging areas of graphene-based nanocomposite materials design, this linking to the strategic approach in EU policies for enhancing EU international cooperation in research and innovation. The project proposes to link synergistically three emerging multisectoral fields of activity: graphene-polymer nanotechnology; materials’ design; and additive manufacturing. Consortium members will benefit from the project interdisciplinary nature which will enhance the research quality, the scientific reputation and provide the launching pad for future collaborative ventures.