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Poster Presentations

P. Lamberti, G. Spinelli, V. Tucci, R. Kotsilkova, S. Tabakova, E. Ivanov.
Electrical properties of nanocarbon/poly (lactic) acid for 3D printing applications.
Nano 2017 Innovation Conference & Exhibition, Rome, 26-29 September 2017.
Poster No.26, page 63 - Patrizia LAMBERTI, University of Salerno, "Electrical properties of nanocarbon/poly (lactic) acid for 3D printing applications" - of the Conference Program

E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, R. Di Maio, C. Silvestre, S. Cimmino, H. Xia, Y. Chen, P. Lamberti, G. Spinelli, V. Tucci, M. Lavorgna.
PLA/Graphene/MWCNT composites with improved electrical and thermal properties for 3D printing applications. Baltic Polymer Symposium, 20–22 September 2017, Tallinn, Estonia (Book of Abstracts, Poster 58, page 118)
Book of Abstracts