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Invited Talks to International Conferences

Polina Kuzhir, Graphene/polymer based passive microwave - THz devices, Baltic Polymer Symposium 2017, 20 – 22 September 2017, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallin, Estonia, Plenary presentation
Book of Abstracts

Electromagnetic properties of carbon foams (invited)
Maxime Letellier (Institut Jean Lamour, UMR CNRS - Université de Lorraine, France); Jan Macutkevic (Semiconductor Physics Institute, Lithuania); Alesia Paddubbskaya(Belarusian State University, Belarus); Dzmitry Bychanok (Research Institute for Nuclear Problems BSU, Belarus); Polina Kuzhir (Institute of Nuclear Problem at Belarusian State University, Belarus); Jūras Banys (Vilnius University, Lithuania); Vanessa Fierro and Alain Celzard (Institut Jean Lamour, UMR CNRS – Université de Lorraine, France), 2017 IEEE International Conference on Microwaves, Antennas, Communications and Electronic Systems (COMCAS), Special session WE2I: Nano-Antennas and Nano-Structures, 13-15 November 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel
Conference Program   Book of Abstracts

Qi Wang, Ning Chen, Yinghong Chen, Hesheng Xia, Canhui Lu, Jie Zhang, 3D printing processing of polymer-based micro/nano functional composites, Chinese Materials Conference 2017, Polymer Materials Symposium, July 6-12, 2017, Yinchuan, China, invited presentation

Hesheng Xia, 3D printing of flexible polyurethane nanocomposites, Polymer Process Engineering ’17 , 25-27th July, 2017, Broadford, UK, keynote presentation

Hesheng Xia, 3D Printing of Flexible Polyurethane Nanocomposites, PPE'17/UK-China AMRI Research Workshop, July 24-27, 2017, Bradford, UK, Invited lecture

Hesheng Xia, Additive Manufacture of Flexible Polymer Materials, 2017 China-Italy Innovation Week, Nov. 15-17, 2017, Chengdu, China, Invited lecture

Conference Presentations


N. T. Jalagonia, T. V. Kuchukhidze,  N.I. Darakhvelidze, E. Sanaia.
Obtaining of UV curable PDMS by Hydorsilylation Reaction.
8th International Conference on Polymers science and Engineering, October 15-16 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (accepted presentation)


P. Lamberti, G. Spinelli, V. Tucci, R. Kotsilkova, S. Tabakova, E. Ivanov.
Electrical properties of nanocarbon/poly (lactic) acid for 3D printing applications.
Nano 2017 Innovation Conference & Exhibition, Rome, Italy, 26-29 September 2017.
Poster No.26, page 63 - Patrizia LAMBERTI, University of Salerno, "Electrical properties of nanocarbon/poly (lactic) acid for 3D printing applications" - of the Conference Program

E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, R. Di Maio, C. Silvestre, S. Cimmino, H. Xia, Y. Chen, P. Lamberti, G. Spinelli, V. Tucci, M. Lavorgna.
PLA/Graphene/MWCNT composites with improved electrical and thermal properties for 3D printing applications.
Baltic Polymer Symposium, 20–22 September 2017, Tallinn, Estonia (Book of Abstracts, Poster 58, page 118)
Book of Abstracts

Ning Chen, Hesheng Xia, Canhui Lu, Jie Zhang, Qi Wang*.
Preparation and 3D printing of polymer-based micro/nano functional composites
The 33rd Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS-33), S17- Advanced processing technology, Dec 10-14, 2017, Cancun, Mexico, oral presentation.